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One of our project “MODULE” was reported in the Chinese media SUN TV !

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Article : SUN TV 

(English simple explanation of this article is below)

The Japanese blockchain team MODULE aims to combine the mobile phone with the blockchain, allowing mobile phone users to get rewards by renting unused storage space of their smartphone. DApp (distributed application) provided by MODULE The program builds the platform, and the person who rents the storage space receives the MODL token reward, and the user can also construct the ecosystem through this new platform.

MODULE executive Chang Judi believes that mobile phones or 3C devices such as tablets, NB and other unused storage assets value, MODULE use blockchain technology to allow open storage through the company’s developed DApp, you can rent or borrow unused storage of devices and the rental capacity is determined by itself. The storage can also be quickly rented and stored. MODULE users can obtain rewards or pay the fees and achieve the assetize the unused storage capacity.

Kikuchi, who is a CEO, said that the sharing economy can be applied to the storage service field, and the intangible storage space should be assetized through blockchain technology. According to statistics, the unused storage space in the world reaches 32 billion GB. If the P2P network is connected, it is expected to build a lease network. So the team built the DApp and built the platform to form the storage service ecosystem.

Judi pointed out that it is not needed to worry about privacy issues, because the data is cut into small pieces and stored in different rental devices, and the lender can not peep the split data through encryption technology. In addition, the renter can choose which segment of the data to subdivide into storage, and the storage is determined by the platform. When the renter uses the file, a request must be sent to the lessor to return the piece of data to the original file, and when a renter cannot immediately reply to the authorization file, the data can be requested from the backup.

The MODULE platform uses multi-person backup instead of increasing the amount of data and rental fees to ensure that users can quickly complete the request to receive and send the original file. Therefore, MODULE must be able to attract many smartphone users to join in order to enlarge economy scale.


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