MODULE was published in Japanese big magazine again !!

By Hiromasa

MODULE was published in big Japanese magazine called “Dejitsu” again !!

A smartphone became an essential item to live currently. This is not limited to Japan and other developed countries, it also seems to be similar in developing countries. Smartphone is used everywhere in our lives, as a communication tool, as a map tool, as a camera tool, as a internet browsing tool and whatever you want to use.

However, the number of smartphone users who fully utilize the big storage due to advancement of technology are a very small. It is predited that the number of mobile devices currently used around the world is about 2 billion, and the average data capacity of smartphone is 32 GB.

Half of them, namely 50%, is surplus storage which is not used at all, and it is predicted to be about 32 billion GB.

The MODULE project is a new sharing economy that will allow you to lend or borrow the surplus data capacity of individual mobile devices (such as smartphones) to those who need it all over the world. We are aiming for a platform that is useful, environmentally friendly and used as a form of new asset management.

The MODULE project will provide a system that makes a bridge between people who really need data capacity and others who want capitalize their surplus storage. This system is a remarkable system that can find benefits for both users and suppliers, and users can use our providing storage cheaper compared to existing cloud storage services such as Google Drive and icloud. On the other hand, suppliers will be able to efficiently capitalize surplus storage that is not going to be used. As a result, they will get rewards as well.

But the security problem should be paid attention. Because users have resistance to storing their own data on others’ terminals, and the supplier would think if the data sent from others is malicious data, it cannot be used. Therefore, MODULE uses blockchain technology to protect from such a malicious suppliers.

First, encrypt and compress data to be saved using an encryption algorithm called ECC. After that, it divides the encrypted and compressed data into multiple pieces. This small pieces divided data does not work alone. It works only after restored to the original data from a piece of a puzzle. Since the data has been invalidated at this point, the supplier can receive the data with confidence.

Finally, pieces of divided data are randomly sent to the block chain of each terminal. After that, a blockchain block is created every time, pieces of data are copied. As a result, even if some data is altered or deleted, backups are left on the blockchain, so there is no worry that data cannot be restored.

The special point of this MODULE project is that anyone can use the service easily if it has a smartphone. Because I borrow / lent data capacity with this sophisticate application, you can easily use the service by simply installing the application to the smartphone.

Everyone can install our application MODULE for free using and what you need is only unused data capacity provided in the smartphone initially, so most people can also start without having to prepare.