Listed on exchange on Taiwan on November 15

By Kikuchi

Listed on exchange on Taiwan on November 15

Product development of MODULE is proceeding smoothly, we will also release product releases sequentially.

The MODL token will be listed on BitoPro on November 15, 2018, and the transaction will start on “MODL / ETH” pair!
… And please do not be surprised, the listing on the pair “MODL / TWD” with the new Taiwan dollar which is the legal currency was decided at the same time and the deal will start !!

This is a great achievement because of support of everyone, credit, and cooperation of BitoPro!

MODULE is a ideal storage and easy way to make a bridge between blockchain and sharing economy. MODULE platform allows users to rent or borrow unused GB even from small portable devices, which means that any mobile phone owner will be able to participate in MODULE and capitalize your smartphone. Easy start with your mobile !!

Of course, “MODL / BTC” is also proceeding rapidly. It may be difficult to be listed on the same day, however “MODL / BTC” transaction will also start as soon as possible.

In addition, we have already informed several times that there are already many companies which are willing to use the MODULE Platform and out blockchain.

We will introduce one of them. We cannot unveil company name yet, but we had a meeting with market research companies that conduct questionnaire and data collection on a global scale. If their customers install MODULE application in their devices, this market research company gave us an idea that we can create the “win-win-win” of MODULE Project so-calle triple win relationship between company, uses and MODULE.
This is awesome ! We will continue to make more the opportunities for active discussion with companies that are interested in the MODULE Project !

Have you already registered the YouTube channel of MODULE Project ?
It show thattThe contents of conferences in Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan held in September and interview with Toshiki Tashiro who is the project leader of the MODULE Project at WBT. Please subscribe to our channel!