The article about MODULE using Amazon Kindle.


Now you can read “Dejitsu” vol.4 – a Japanese magazine about cryptocurrency – with a feature article about MODULE using Amazon Kindle.

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The MODL token of the MODULE Project will be listed on BitoPro. This is an exchange on which PANDA GOLD has been listed and now we can observe its transactions.

PANDA GOLD is the first project doing Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on BitoPro.
During the public sale 1ETH was 2800 PANDA (1PANDA), and as for the presale, 1ETH was 4000 PANDA (1PANDA = 0.00025000 ETH). After 15 hours on BitoPro as a listed token the transaction price changed to 0.00070000, showing a good start by greatly exceeding the sale price.

(As for today, the 7th of September, 2018, the price of Bitcoin and other Altcoins is going down).

BitoPro makes contracts with IEOs after careful examination of the projects which must have high potential and are expected to have higher value in the future. If a project fails and it’s value goes down, BitoPro will also lose trust from the projects. That is why BitoPro has to select projects for IEO diligently.

MODULE Project has also passed the screening procedures at BitoPro. At the moment the project is conducting sales at BitoPro in the form of IEO.

The MODULE team is conducting negotiations with a lot of corporations. The team makes efforts to release the best platform possible. MODULE will continue to work hard to satisfy the customers’ needs, to provide an ideal storage and ideal blockchain platform which many people will be eager to use.
Thank you for your support.



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