MODULE is an ideal platform offering an asset of free mobile device storage.


Do you have free GB on your smartphone ?

Contribute to rent your free storage of your smartphone with using MODULE and receive rewards. Anyone can supply the network with unused GB on their device, tablet, laptop, or PC and earn when others use this storage !

Afraid that your personal data will be stolen ? MODULE eliminates this risk !

Distributed storage network offers significant advantages compared to server-based cloud storage. Data is secured with client-side encryption, which ensures much greater reliability than any other existing protocol !


Anyone who has mobile devise is able to join MODULE,. It means even people in the poor or developing country can also join us and receive rewards with renting out their free space storage of their device.

Need massive data storage, preferably cheap ?

Because of the large amount of digital storage assets and their decentralisation, the cost of secure data storage will be much lower than what is currently available on the market !

Slow file transfers and long download ? All in the past !

Distributing files from locations closest to the recipient dramatically increases data transfer speed !


To keep several servers to store the datas and mining in the blockchain technology always require the huge amount of electricity and releases heat. MODULE solve this environmental issue !

"MODULE is a ideal storage and easy way to make a bridge between blockchain and sharing economy. MODULE platform allows users to rent or borrow unused GB even from small portable devices, which means that any mobile phone owner will be able to participate in MODULE and capitalize your smartphone. Easy start with your mobile !!"
Toshiki Tashiro
CTO at Touch Answer

"Great app for storage sharing like never before."